Intensive Beginner

This class will provide you with the linguistic building blocks needed to develop elementary proficiency in Ladino. Meeting four times a week will provide the exposure and practice needed to progress in the language. Sessions will contextualize vocabulary and grammar through Sephardic culture and include an assortment of speaking, listening, reading, and writing activities. Attendees will be asked to actively participate to make the most of their learning, engaging in basic conversation in Ladino and identifying words and grammatical features in Latin-character texts. 

Intensive Beginner Ladino

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All times listed are Eastern Time

4-week class
4 sessions a week
12:15-1:15pm EST

January 4-January 28, 2021

Note: Payment for entire course must be made in advance. This class will run when a minimum of 6 students register. This class will be kept to a maximum of 14 students. If a class cannot meet minimum enrollment, you will be refunded your money or given the option to join another class.